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To sign in,a Trainee must have an account on the website.If not then go to sign up and make a new account by using their Name Email id, DOB, Mobile number, Aadhar Card(optional).

After sign up, sign in with the registered email id and password In case Trainee forgets his/her password, the, he/she reset their password by clicking on "Forgot Password". After this kindly login reload the login page and login with your new password

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Click on your id name, a navigation bar open which contain

  • Profile
  • Employment
  • Change password
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Here the trainee can View his/her personal, education, address and upload details just by clicking the next button.He/She can also Update and Reset their details by clicking on their respective buttons.


Trainees can upload their employment details over here. After their course is completed.

Change password

Trainees can change their password by using their old password and insert a new password and click on “Change”.

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For signing out from their profile,click on Log out. A dialogue box opens, click Ok.


In navigation bar under Application trainee have options

  • General Information
  • Who can Apply
  • Apply here
  • Application status

General information

Trainees can get the General information regarding Rail Kaushal Vikas Yojna scheme and the steps which are supposed to be followed to get access to the training program.

Who can apply?

Trainee gets the eligibility criteria over this section, which he/she should must be fulfilled, to get registered on this training program.

Apply Here

Trainee can apply for training programs through this tab. He/She should provide 3 preference(at least one is compulsory) of the Institute centre where He/She can want to take training. He/She can Reset their preferred Institute centre.

Application status

Trainee see their application status in this tab, whether his/her application accepted or rejected or pending.He/She can “Print” the application by clicking on the file icon button.


Under "Trainee" trainee can view an option "Enrolled course" in enrolled course trainee can view trade he/she completed and can also see marks secured in practical and theory for respective trade.

Trainee have to download the id/gatepass from here only if generated by instructor id/gatepass is required to enter the premises

Trainee is also required to download declaration which he/she have to sign and submit at their respective institute

After training completion trainee can provide their valuable Feedback to further improve the training experience


List of institutes is listed in this tab,where all the institutes with their available trades are shown. Candidates/trainees can get information of the institutes and the trades offered by that institutes.

Trainees can get information regarding instructors of the institutes by clicking on the “Instructor” button.Trainees can see the picture of training institutes by clicking on the “Gallery” button.Trainees can get the schedule of the institutes by clicking on “Schedule” button.


Trades list and their course descriptions are available in this section. Trainee needs to click the trade which he/she opt for and then course detail of his/her trade display over there. He/She can also download their trade’s course description by clicking on “Generate pdf” button.


Trainees get notice and the details of the new courses(if any).


Any new announcements regarding classes or any new updates in courses which trainees are already pursuing, is display over here.


Under helpdesk trainee can find option:-

  • F.A.Q
  • Contact us
  • User manual


Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) are given to help the Trainee to solve his/her queries/problems

Contact us

If a trainee has any further query or problem or needs any help then he/she can contact us directly. The details of the institutes are there to help you. Feel free to contact us.

User manual

If trainee is facing any problem he/she can access user manual here